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Preschool Pevnostní (3 - 6 years old)

Main information about Preschool Pevnostní

The interior of this interestingly designed, spacious, first-republic villa is equipped with high-quality, ergonomic and environmentally friendly furniture and with a wide variety of Montessori materials, teaching materials and books both in Czech and in English. 

There are two kindergarten classes in our preschool, each with a total capacity of 25 children (“Green” class on the first floor, “Blue” class on the second floor) as well as an afternoon class, a meal serving area, a cloakroom, a gym and hygiene facilities. The premises located on the garden floor serve the youngest children (Toddler class for 24 children aged 1.5-3 years). There is a staff room on each floor and preschool offices in the attic.

The classrooms are divided into thematic areas according to the Montessori education system. Tailor-made furniture allows for access to a large number of educational materials.

Our well-equipped garden provides opportunities for physical activity in all weather conditions. The garden includes a natural sandpit, wooden kitchens, gravel paths suitable for balance bikes and scooters, slides built within the slope of a hill, a balance track, sensory trails, and enough space for running, ball games and exercises games. A space for exploring, the so-called “mud garden”, is very popular.

Our garden also includes an area for growing vegetables and a lot of edible fruits. The children learn how to plan planting and how to take care of plants, they learn about composting and the life cycle of plants from seed to harvest. The environment provides opportunities to observe the changes of nature during all seasons as well as to observe insects, birds and small animals.
For the summer season there is a mist area prepared in the garden.

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