We cook a varied and balanced diet to help children develop good eating habits. We prepare food according to the principles of "the truly healthy school". We always encourage children to eat in an easy manner and we do not rush them. We encourage children to avoid wasting food and to put only as much food as they can eat on their plate and they enjoy taking responsibility for their own meals. Children who can choose what and how much to eat are happy and eat well.

Morning snack

Morning snacks are available in the classrooms from 8.30 to 10.00 and are served as a self-service buffet. Following Montessori principles, children learn to set their place at the table, put food on a plate, spread butter on a slice of bread, cut fruit, pour a drink into a glass, and wash and clean their dishes. The most common snack is bread, spreads, vegetables, fruit, yoghurt, or cereals.


Our lunches are supplied by Bionea, a company that prepares tasty, high-quality food for preschool children. The lunches are varied and nutritious. Fresh ingredients and all types of meat are used  including  fish, poultry, beef, pork and rabbit. The lunch selection offers children fresh vegetables and fruit, pulses, cereals and dairy products. Mainly fresh or dried herbs and sea salt are used to season the food. For sweetening, the preferred options are dark cane sugar, cereal malts and syrups, agave, maple syrup or honey.

The lunch consists of a soup and main dish. A choice of vegetarian or meat dishes are available every day. Together with their children, parents can choose menus in the My Zone application.

Afternoon snack

Afternoon snacks are available to children in the classrooms from 2.30 to 3 pm and are served in the same way as the morning snack. We offer a late snack between 4 and 5 pm to children who stay in the preschool until later in the afternoon, depending on the afternoon preschool program.


We care about children’s daily fluid intake. All day long, children can have water and fruit or herb tea.