What interesting things are happening in our preschool? What events are we preparing for children and their parents? What adventures have we experienced with children? If you want to know more or want to come to Duhovka yourself, write to us.
Come and see what it has been like for us since the holidays. The children have enjoyed the company of their friends and were happy to get down to work. Even our newcomers are slowly getting to know their way around. We are looking forward to another year together.
Our Summer camp is a Czech-English Montessori inspired day camp for preschool children aged between 3 to 7 years old. We offer Czech – English environment, themed program under the leadership of experienced lecturers and tutors, family atmosphere, large garden and walks in the neighborhood.
Enrollment in kindergarten takes place May 9 - 11, 2022. Make an appointment with us before enrolling. We look forward to meeting you in person. Send a non-binding application or use our contact form and we will immediately offer you possible dates for the visit.
The time spent with your children during their first 3 years is unique and precious both for them and for you! In the course for parents, you will learn how to educate children and educate children in the spirit of Montessori pedagogy.
The time spent with your children during their first 3 years is unique and precious both for them and for you! Come and see what the Montessori method can look like at home with children from birth.
Dear Parents, Children, Friends, we cordially invite you to visit both branches of our Czech-English Montessori Preschool Duhovka. The Open House Days in the Duhovka Preschool takes the form of individual meetings between parents and the school management.
Our online support for families functions as a source for ideas and helpful suggestions which support the many practical activities children do at home. We also know it is important to maintain relationships and bonds with class teachers and friends until such time that we are reunited in our classrooms.