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Admissions Process

The Admisson procedure and conditions for 2022/2023

A non-binding application can be downloaded here.

Criteria for Admission to Duhovka Preschool in the 2022/2023 School Year

Duhovka Preschool Open House Day takes on the form of meetings of parents with the preschool management. Depending on current government measures, the meetings will take place in the preschool with legal representatives being physical present or the meetings will be online, or a phone interview will be conducted.

Please follow the following procedure:


1. Sending a Preliminary Application

Please send us a filled-in preliminary application form, which you can find on the preschool website in the section “Admissions“ for the chosen branch.

Preliminary applications for the 2022/2023 school year will be accepted by Duhovka Preschool as of November 15, 2021. We recommend that you submit your preliminary application by April 10, 2022 so that it is possible to arrange a meeting between parents and the preschool management.

2. Meeting between Legal Representatives and Preschool Management

On the basis of the preliminary application the preschool invites the child's legal representatives for an interview. (The precondition for the admission of the child is merely the fact that the meeting is held, its course and results will have no effect on admission.). At this meeting, preschool representatives talk with parents about the philosophy of Montessori pedagogy, introducing them to the values of Duhovka and the possibilities of education within its educational system. The aim of this interview is to clarify whether the educational offer of the preschool is identical to legal representatives' expectations. This first meeting takes places without presence of children. The parents will electronically receive our parent handbook and are expected to read it carefully before their planned meeting. In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at [javascript protected email] ideally before the meeting. Thank you.

3. Preschool Enrollment Takes Place on May 9 and May 11, 2022

Registered children’s parents who already participated at the meeting with the preschool management will receive all information by email. The legal representative comes together with the child for the enrollment. During the enrollment the legal representatives submit an application for admission of the child to preschool. They also submit a completed registration sheet with confirmation from the pediatrician about proper vaccination and eligibility of the child for admission to preschool. The preschool can only accept a child who has undergone regular vaccinations (according to the Czech Republic's vaccination calendar), has a certificate verifying that they are immune to the given infectious diseases or cannot be vaccinated due to a permanent contraindication. (This does not apply to children who will reach the age of five by August 31, 2022 and who register for mandatory preschool education).

4. Decision on Admission

Within 30 days of signing the application, the Preschool Director issues a decision on the admission of the child to the preschool, and subsequently a draft contract. By signing the contract between the preschool and the legal representative of the child, the legal representative undertakes to make payment in the amount of one monthly tuition fee.

5. Admission Criteria

Admission of the child to education at Duhovka Preschool is decided by the Preschool Director after the enrollment procedure is completed on the basis of established criteria. The preschool prefers students for acceptance according to the following criteria (regardless of the order of the application), which will be applied in the order set down:

           a) Children with knowledge of the Czech or English language at the native speaker level

           b) Children with previous Duhovka Toddler class attendance in 5 morning or 5 full days regime (this priority criterion is only considered if the child has been attending Duhovka toddler class for the minimum of 4 months prior to the Enrollment)

           c) Siblings of children who have been attending, or who attended in the past, the preschool or children whose siblings attend a different level of education in the Duhovka School
               system at the time of enrollment.

           d) Children who will reach the age of three by August 31, 2022

           e) Children who will reach the age of four and subsequently five by August 31, 2022, whereby the following criteria will be applied

                        * Children with previous Montessori education experience

                        * Children with advanced English or Czech as their second language

            f)  Children under three years of age who do not wear diapers, dress with minimal help, are able to follow simple rules, are able to separate from their parents
                (legal representatives), and can adequately express their needs.

  • If the preschool capacity (both branches) is not filled after all decisions have been taken, the preschool further accepts applicants as follows: "Application – interview with legal representatives – visit of the child to the class - contract review - application signature, issuance of the decision and contract signature" until the preschool capacity is fully.
  • If the school capacity allows it, the preschool may also admit children even during the school year.
  • Admission of a child with special health needs is decided by the Preschool Director at the request of the child’s legal representative, a doctor's opinion, a special pedagogical center or a pedagogical psychological counseling center.
  • When the child is admitted to the preschool, the Preschool Director makes an agreement with the legal representative concerning the extent of the child’s preschool attendance, including the method of catering.

The conditions of the admission procedure come into force on November 1, 2021.


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