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About Our Preschool


Who we are

Duhovka Preschool is an internationally accredited Czech-English Montessori preschool (established 2008) which offers an educational programme for children aged between 1.5 and 6 years. Duhovka Preschool is an AMS member (American Montessori Society) and is part of the Duhovka comprehensive Czech-English Montessori education system for children and youth from 1.5 to 19 years.

In all of our classes, children are guided by both English and Czech Montessori teachers. Children are in contact with a second language and they learn to use it in real life situations. At Duhovka Preschool we provide a quality environment that encourages children’s natural curiosity and helps fully develop a child's potential. We follow the principle: "Help me do it by myself".

Duhovka Preschool offers modern facilities equipped with the best Montessori learning tools and materials which connect minds and bodies and help children learn by doing. Children learn using all their senses. The learning process is mostly based on observation and manipulation with tools working individually and as part of a team. The child absorbs information at their own speed, in an unforced way. A sufficient ratio of Montessori teachers to the number of children in classes enables an individual approach and care with respect to the development of each child's unique personality, strengths and self-discipline. 


How did Duhovka Preschool come into being?

Just like most parents, my wife and I spent quite some time choosing a preschool for our three-year-old son. Even though we eventually found a place for him in a State-run preschool, we decided not to send him there. It became clear to us that we want something a little different for our child. For us it is key, HOW the teachers work with the children and, most importantly, WHAT KIND of personalities and models they are for the children. After all, we believe that we, as parents, influence our children far more through what we actually do, how we behave towards our children, and what values we live, than through what we say.

We liked the idea of a preschool where children of varying nationalities would meet, and where the teachers would speak several languages. We like the metaphor that preschool-aged children are like sponges that absorb everything they encounter, keeping what they need for their further natural development.

And so we looked around for alternatives in the form of private preschools. We found out that most private preschools in Prague are exclusively English-speaking. But we and our children live in the Czech Republic, and the sooner our children learn to speak proper Czech, the sooner they will be able to go in depth into other languages and activities. Therefore, we say YES to English, but we also say YES to Czech, a language we will develop very intensively at Duhovka.

Ivana & Tomáš Janeček

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