For babies

For babies

Imagine what children learn before they start to stand on their own feet. At the beginning, they recognize the world from the safety of their parents' arms. Later, they become aware of themselves and gain confidence and independence. They are gradually learning to explore the world through all their senses, respect other children and their surroundings, and realize their own needs. 

The program Montessori for the Smallest consists of regular meetings once a week for children aged from 6 to 18 months and their parents. This gives children a great opportunity to meet other children in a Montessori classroom prepared for the smallest ones. Children accompanied by their parents work together in an environment that meets their needs.

The program includes

  • Prepared Montessori class for the youngest babies
  • Insight into the Montessori method with Montessori certified guides
  • Age-appropriate activities bring children pleasure and build their self-confidence
  • Inspiration and practical tips for using the Montessori method in the home environment
  • Consultations in the field of education and developmental needs of the youngest children
We look forward to seeing you and your children from Sep, 13, 2022.

Lessons take place every Tuesday from 3.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. The price of the first trial lesson is CZK 500, the discounted package of 10 lessons costs CZK 4 500.

In addition, we also offer educational seminars for parents.

The program Montessori for the Smallest takes place in our classroom for the smallest children in Střešovice, Prague 6, Pevnostni 6.

Come to visit us

We invite you to a demo lesson, where you will get to know the teacher, other children and the environment. We believe that your child will be thrilled!

Admitting children to the program

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