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Admissions Process

Duhovka Preschool Toddler Program admission procedure

We accept children also during the school year, contact us.

Send us a non-binding application. You can download the application form here.

After submitting the application we will contact you and arrange a first meeting to be attended by parents without their children. The meeting aims at clarifying whether the offer of our childcare facility is in line with parents' expectations. You will have the opportunity, if the daily schedule so permits, to meet teachers, to peek inside classrooms and to get to know our classroom and garden environment. At this meeting, Duhovka representatives and parents will have a talk about the Montessori philosophy of education, parents will be familiarized with the Duhovka values and possibilities of further education within its educational system.
After this first meeting we will send a draft contract and documents to be filled in to parents. They will also be invited to sign documents at a following meeting.
Before signing the contract, it is necessary to submit a registration form for the child with a pediatrician’s certificate of immunization and of eligibility of the child for admission to the childcare facility. The children’s group can only accept such a child who has received the required regular vaccination (in line with the Czech immunization schedule), or submits a written record that they are immune to the disease or cannot be vaccinated due to a contraindication.

The decision on admission of a child with special health care needs is taken by the Preschool Director at the request by the child’s legal representative, on the basis of a doctor's opinion, a special pedagogical center or a pedagogical-psychological counseling center statement.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the preschool office.


Mateřská škola Duhovka, s.r.o.
Pevnostní, Prague 6
Tel.: +420 733 317 843
E-mail: [javascript protected email]


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