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Space for Natural Learning = Preschool Montessori Garden

This garden project is based on two basic needs:

1) to provide plenty of opportunities for physical activities, encouraging children's natural inclination to move in a safe environment

2) to transfer as many educational activities as possible outside

We'll provide children with plenty of stimuli allowing them to observe and discover the beauty of nature. The natural-looking garden and the way it changes throughout the year will be promoted through thoughtful planting of shrubs, trees and flowers as well as the use of natural materials for outdoor play equipment.

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More details

New self-binding gravel paths suitable for riding scooters and balance bikes will be great for physical exercise for children, and there will also be enough space for running, ball games and exercises games, while the existing sloped area will be ideal for placing slides there. On the balance track the children will be able to train almost all their muscles, and the exploratory part of the garden, the so-called "mud garden" will provide space for potential explorers.


Wooden kitchens will be placed in a natural sandpit, and we are looking forward to a sensory trail and the nearby fog area, which we will use on a hot day. Our garden will also include an area for growing vegetables, where there will be a lot of edible fruits there. The children will learn as how to plan planting and how to take care of plants, they will learn about composting and the life cycle of plants from seeds to harvest. Our garden will provide us with opportunities to observe the changes of nature during all seasons as well as to observe insects, birds and small animals.


Project phases


  • Basic construction work
  • Artificial irrigation
  • Planting of trees and bushes
  • Establishing a lawn
  • Installation of basic game elements


We will continue with the project in autumn and we’ll add the particular steps that will follow based on the implementation of the summer plan. Fingers crossed!

How can I join

  • I want to dig, to work, to simply lend a hand - contact the pre-school at
  • I want to have fun and spend some money at the same time - come to the Benefit evening for Duhovka on 29th May, 2019 at Pražská křižovatka
  • I want to donate to this project easily, quickly and ideally online - follow the link to
  • I want to join in using my creativity - contact the pre-school at

Children's ideas of garden

Who we work with


Few words from the architect

“The 1st republic villa has a lovely atmosphere amplified by trees almost a hundred years old and by the view of the neighboring garden with a house taken straight from a fairy tale. To keep the atmosphere and to give the children a space to play and to develop at the same time is a big task. The design of the garden is based on the perception that nature is the best teacher which is widely used by Maria Montessori’s concept of gardens. I hope that we’ll succeed in building a magical garden that children will remember their whole lives.“ Renata Bartková

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