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psychologicke_centrum.pngPsychology Center

The Duhovka Psychology Center (DPC) has been set up to serve the needs of all the schools in the Duhovka Group. The Center offers a range of services to students, parents, teachers and other staff, including speech therapy (logopedics), psychological counseling and consultation and other specialist services. The Center is designed as a place where students, parents and teachers can address any issues they haven’t been able to resolve with the schools’ teaching or administrative staff.

Detailed information you can find here.


The services of the Duhovka Psychology Center are provided by:

Petr Šobra (Mgr.), Director of the DPC, Psychologist and Coach
Magda Loumová (PaeDr.), Psychotherapist and Coach

Contact details:
Petr Šobra
Phone: +420 734 797 535
E-mail: [javascript protected email]

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