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Come with your child for a FREE first session!

Beginners classes

1 class, 30 minutes

4 classes 1.400 CZK


Group classes

1 class, 30 minutes

4 classes 1.200 CZK

4 classes 3.600 CZK

Sibling classes

1 class, 30 minutes

2 classes 1.000 CZK

4 classes 2.000 CZK

Individual classes

1 class, 30 minutes

4 classes 2.000 CZK

12 classes 6.000 CZK

One-time registration fee of 500 CZK includes admission into the PlayWisely® programme and the final certificate of completion.

  • Beginner classes are in the child’s mother tongue (English, Czech). Upon their completing we recommend two classes a week – one in mother tongue and one in foreign language (English, Czech).
  • Two children interact with the coach within group classes. One parent of each kid is present.
  • Two to three siblings interact with the coach within sibling classes. One parent is present.
  • Individual classes are designed to engage one child only. One parent is present.



Lessons are given at our Preschool in Prague 6, Kozlovská 9

Adéla Haluzová 
phone: +420 733 317 843
email: [javascript protected email]

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