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What's PlayWisely®?

PlayWisely® is an educational programme for babies and toddlers aged 4 months to 3 years created using knowledge from many years of scientific research on the early development of children.

The aim of the programme is to “activate and tune“ all brain cells to make sure that they work ideally in order to establish strong connections between neurons, which is the basis for thinking as well as all physical skills of children.

The core element of PlayWisely® are sets of special cards with variations of images, sounds, words, numbers, colours, shapes and sizes. Together with methods based on directional orientation, the unique activities give your child the joy learning and movement.


PlayWisely® Session

Every session takes approximately 30 minutes. It begins with card play, followed by motional exercises and another card session. Sessions can be individual or in groups and usually take place once or twice a week.


What is behind PlayWisely®?

PlayWisely® develops  language skills (speaking, voice, hearing), learning skills (attention span, object recognition, memory) and motional skills (movement co-ordination, orientation etc.). But best of all, everything is learned through fun play!


Come with your child for a FREE first session!



Daniela Virágová
phone: +420 736 246 579

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