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Parents references

"PlayWisely sessions are always a welcome activity for us. Linda got accustomed to a specific order of the sessions after a few visits and now she is herself aware of the progress that she is making. I consider it an advantage to be able to watch her developing skills in cooperation with an instructor. It helps me to learn a lot about my daughter.
Linda’s concentration in classes is now also very intensive, which is not common and I feel it would be good to turn it into a habit through regular sessions. The most beautiful thing for me is to watch how she is excited by discovering her own intellectual and motional skills."

2.5-years-old Linda’s mum

"The PlayWisely sessions are so fun and it is amazing to see how much my boy has developed with the exercises. On top of having wonderful exercises for him to do, our teacher's guidance and enthusiasm over this development makes this class a real highlight of our week".

Nico's mum

"I have been attending PlayWisely with our Lily since she was 1. If I was to pick three things which set PW apart from other programmes for pre-school children, it would be:
- an individual approach and energy with which the instructor, Tereza, approaches the child in the half-hour sessions,
- a clearly visible progress of the child, especially in sensory perception and logical thinking,
- the flexibility of the programme (times and periodicity) and a pleasant environment where we can play with other children and with Montessori toys before or after the session.

Vlaďka, Lily"s mum

At about 1.5 years of age our children needed more impulses for the development of speech, movement and coordination. We managed to find a pre-school with a fresh take on things, built in a calm environment of an old villa. The kids had the opportunity to go through a programme of complex development. Our boys were presented with a wide variety of toys and equipment that was completely new to them. The subjects activate the brain in a fun form. The instructor quickly gained the trust and favour of our children thanks to her kind and fun approach.“

Vincent’s and David’s mums

"18-months-old Amálka is from a bilingual environment and she has attended PlayWisely sessions for the past four months. The older she is, the more is she looking forward to the sessions. Everytime we pass nearby she keeps trying to drag me up the stairs while shouting „upstairs, upstairs!“ excitedly. It is incredible to see what such a small child can learn. Sometimes she finds an animal in a picture where even I have difficulty spotting it or manages something so delicate like slipping beads on a thread. Another great asset of PW is the attention span and patience training – I especially appreciate when Amálka works with another child and learns that she simply has to wait her turn or until her partner has finished work. And of course the most imnportant thing for me is that Amálka is really enjoying herself, for which I credit Tereza, who is really good with children!"

Amálka's mum Gábina

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